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Value Co-Creation in Sport Management – A New Logic in a Changing Society (edX)

Do you want to become a successful sport management expert? Learn the importance of value co-creation and gather new insights that will make you more competitive in the field of sport management. Are you a passionate sports lover interested in exploring a new innovative logic in sport management? Enroll [...]

Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course (POK)

How could we create better policies that are more relevant to the needs of citizens and society? This course will explore the concept and application of co-creation and design methodologies in the context of policy design.

Transformación Digital para Comunicadores (edX)

Este curso ofrece una comprensión del nuevo escenario digital en el que nos encontramos y del impacto que tiene la transformación digital; también propone una aproximación al uso de herramientas y tecnologías emergentes para adquirir competencias en ámbitos como la creatividad, la innovación y la disrupción digital en el [...]