Cyber-Physical Systems

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Modeling and Debugging Embedded Systems (Coursera)

This is part 3 of the specialization. In this course students will learn : * About SystemC and how it can be used to create models of cyber-physical systems in order to perform "what-if" scenarios; * About Trimble Engineering's embedded systems for heavy equipment automation; * A deeper understanding [...]

Web Connectivity and Security in Embedded Systems (Coursera)

In this course, we will explore several technologies that bring modern devices together, facilitating a network of connected things and making devices internet enabled. We will discuss rules, protocols, and standards for these devices to communicate with each other in the network. We will also go through security and [...]

Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling and Simulation (Coursera)

Cyber-physical systems (CPS for short) combine digital and analog devices, interfaces, networks, computer systems, and the like, with the natural and man-made physical world. The inherent interconnected and heterogeneous combination of behaviors in these systems makes their analysis and design a challenging task. [...]

Evolución tecnológica y ecosistema digital en la industria AECO (edX)

Aprenda acerca de la evolución de las tecnologías en la industria de la arquitectura, ingeniería y construcción. Conozca el ecosistema digital al que nos enfrentamos en la construcción 4.0 y su relación con la cadena de valor en proyectos de esta industria.

Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business (edX)

An introduction to the fourth industrial revolution, it's major systems and technologies and how new products and services will impact business and society. We have witnessed the power of mechanization in the early nineteen century, automation in the seventies, information and the internet in the last decades. But [...]