Corporate Responsibility

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Global Challenges in Business Capstone (Coursera)

The capstone for the Global Challenges in Business specialization will provide a learning experience that integrates across all the courses within that specialization. It will involve analysis of a situation concerning an actual business with a view to work toward a global stakeholder engagement business plan for introduction of [...]

Business and Human Rights (GCHumanRights)

Business and human rights are still often seen in opposition: companies hardly value the human toll of their profitable production; governments often fail to protect business-related human rights defenders. But responsible businesses can prevent potential damages and offer space for accountability and redress. States regulations and policies can shape [...]

Ethical Management and Decision Making (FutureLearn)

Get to grips with how to manage ethically with this MOOC developed by the University of Law Business School. Learn how to manage within an ethical manner. In today’s working world, the terms ‘corporate responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’ are more important than ever. Corporations and organisations are increasingly about doing [...]

Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World (openSAP)

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Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World (openSAP)
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We already have the technology and knowledge to solve many of the world’s biggest problems, but that alone is not enough. Tackling society’s big issues also requires new ways of thinking and above all an entrepreneurial approach. “Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World” is all about developing a [...]