Computing Technology

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Capstone Project: Teaching Impacts of Technology (Coursera)

In this project-based course you’ll review the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course and exam description guide to prepare for the “Explore Task”, where students must research a recent computing innovation and and analyze its impacts on the world. You’ll also review the description of this task from the [...]

Unleash The Raspberry Pi Through Physical Computing (Skillshare)

This class is for beginners interested in unlocking the hardware potential of their Raspberry Pi so that it can interact with the physical world. This is the first class on Skillshare to cover the Raspberry Pi and contains just over 3 hours of video instruction.

The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone (edX)

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The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone (edX)
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Explore the fundamental computing technology inside smartphones and the advanced techniques that make them run so fast. We use our smartphones to communicate, to organize our lives, to find information, and to entertain ourselves. All this is possible because a smartphone contains a powerful computer processor, which is [...]