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Comic Books, Geek Culture, and the Fandom Imaginary (Coursera)

"Comic Books, Geek Culture, and the Fandom Imaginary" explores some of the conventional framings of “fandom” (from comic book obsessives to cosplayers) and the cultural histories that sustain it. It also explores the dark side of these dynamics, looking at what can happen when fandom turns toxic in pop [...]
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How to Make a Comic Book (Project-Centered Course) (Coursera)

What you’ll achieve: In this project-centered course, you will create an original four page minicomic designed around a short story of your choosing. What you’ll need to get started: This project-centered course is designed for all-age learners (high school age and above, at least 13 years of age) who [...]
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The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture (edX)

EXCLUSIVE! When you complete a verified certificate in this course, you will receive digital artwork from a current comic book artist, digitally signed by Stan Lee and Michael Uslan, and created exclusively for this course! Join the Smithsonian, and comic book industry legend Stan Lee, to explore the [...]
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Get A Grasp! A Primer MOOC To Get Your Comic Book Project Started (MakingComics)

Mar 23rd 2014
Get A Grasp! A Primer MOOC To Get Your Comic Book Project Started (MakingComics)
Free Course
Participants will, in the span of four weeks, develop a well-rounded understanding of a comic project concept that is intended for production. The course specifically examines that which require attention before starting a comic book project.
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Social Issues Through Comic Books (

Are you a life long learner? Do you like comic books? Do you think it would be interesting to discuss social issues using comic books as a lens? Are you an educator looking for different methods to present your material? If so, this course is for you! This six [...]
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