Climate Action

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Planning with Climate Change in Mind (Coursera)

This course focuses on the climate impacts occurring and expected to occur across the United States. Our approach will be regional and sectoral, with consideration of impacts on water resources, transportation, energy, agriculture, forests, health, and coastal/marine resources. We will also look at how you can apply information about [...]

How Do We Manage Climate Change? (Coursera)

In this course, learners will identify the types of actions that we can pursue to address climate change. These actions fall into two broad categories: 1) mitigation, which refers to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enhance carbon sinks, and 2) adaptation, which refers to our preparations for [...]

The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future (Coursera)

In 2015, the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted by 193 member states, the goals represent an important international step in setting humanity on a trajectory towards sustainable development. Within this course, you will get a historical overview of how sustainability has been understood, as well [...]

From Climate Science to Action (Coursera)

Showcasing the most recent scientific evidence, explaining the different regional impacts and divulging climate action strategies, along with interactive tools such as a Carbon Footprint Tracker and (I) NDC Platform, this MOOC provides some opportunities, where you can take action on climate [...]

Climate Action in Biodiverse Landscapes (edX)

There is no planet B. It's time to take effective climate action for which collaboration and innovation are key. This online course will boost your knowledge and skills to help you move from analysis to action in order to develop climate smart landscapes across the world. The question is [...]

Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet (edX)

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Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet (edX)
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How do we turn commitments to reducing the effects of climate change into action? Harmful emissions, the degradation of the earth’s resources and global warming have loomed large for decades. With the negotiation and ongoing ratification of the sweeping Paris Agreement, commitments to reducing the effects of climate change [...]

Marchés du Carbone : Examen des Politiques de l’UE pour l’Action Climatique Transnationale (FutureLearn)

Explorez les politiques actuelles créées par l'UE, et évaluez leurs efficacités dans la promotion de l'action climatique mondiale. Comprendre et évaluer les mesures prises pour créer un cadre de politique climat. Alors que l’impact du changement climatique continue d’affecter notre planète, il est impératif que notre communauté mondiale se [...]

Carbon Markets: Examining EU Policies for Transnational Climate Action (FutureLearn)

Explore the current policies being created by the EU and assess their efficacy in promoting global climate action. Understand and evaluate the steps taken to create a climate policy framework. As the impact of climate change continues to affect our planet, it’s imperative that our global community fights to [...]

Climate Solutions (edX)

We are in a Climate Emergency. The actions we all choose to take over the next decade will decide whether we succeed or fail to meet the biggest challenge to our civilisation in the 21st century. Learn how you can help tackle climate change. The Climate Solutions course is [...]