Adobe After Effects

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How to Morph Complex Shapes in After Effects (Skillshare)

Morph Anything into Anything in After Effects Without Extra Plugins. In this tutorial, you will see the steps of morphing complex figures in After Effects. You don't need any extra plugins or programs for the animation. There are three examples of animation workflow. All of them are based on [...]

Puppet Pin Rigging in After Effects (Skillshare)

In this course I will take you through the process of rigging and animating a character using the Puppet Pin Tool in After Effects. Throughout the course we will be importing a PSD file, grouping layers, applying pins, and creating a simple animation.

How to Make Dope Animated Loops Vol 1 (Skillshare)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a cool loop in After Effects? Well then, you are in luck! In this skillshare class we will be animating a sneaky set of eyes peeking out of a letter, shape, or whatever your heart desires.