Tyler G. Okimoto

Tyler Okimoto teaches courses on leadership, conflict, HR, and decision-making in the undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education programs at The University of Queensland. He received his PhD from New York University in 2005, and worked as a researcher at Yale School of Management prior to joining UQ in 2011.
Okimoto's research investigates biases in organisational and ethical decision-making, particularly how those biases contribute to discrimination, unethical practices, injustice, and conflict within and between groups. His published work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the UK Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Atlantic, Smithsonian Magazine, Good Morning America, PBS News, and National Public Radio.

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Leading High-Performing Teams (edX)

Learn how to motivate, engage and empower people to build effective and high performing teams. This course will blend business theory and real-world insights to teach you the skills you need to better lead people and teams within your organization. Key topics will include motivation, communication, conflict management, team [...]
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