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Tom Kilgore is a 5th grade classroom teacher in the Lewisville Independent School District. He works with a departmentalized grade level team where he serves as the science and social studies instructor for the three classes he teaches. Tom comes from a prior career in the fields of technology and military projects and uses this background as a base to his approach in his own “flipped classroom”, in STEM instruction, and his project based curriculum.

Tom is the founder of an educational Twitter chat called #TXEDUCHAT which serves as a platform for educators and thought leaders to share and collaborate using social media. Prior to entering the field of education, Tom was a software Product Development Manager, radar systems engineer, and United States Marine. Prior to launching his career in education he directed research and development for a software company in New Zealand, Core Technology. Preceding this he served as a radar systems engineer and consultant to United States military organizations and their counterparts in numerous countries around the world. In this capacity he held senior systems engineer roles with General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Loral Aerospace corporations while working on cutting edge radar and electronics programs. Tom is also a certified PADI SCUBA instructor, certified flight director, and former trustee school board Vice President. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Texas in Interdisciplinary Studies and holds specializations in EC thru 6th grade education and English as a Second Language (ESL.)

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Dec 15th 2014

Making can be a powerful catalyst for building skills and understanding across a wide range of subjects. Intended for educators from all disciplines, Tinker, Make & Learn builds upon the experiential approach to learning through a blended model. It delves into activity-based strategies that will help empower participants in their own learning. The course is not just to teach making, but is an exemplar of an exciting blended learning course.

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Jun 2nd 2014

This MOOC is designed for teachers who may be interested in creating their own STEAM CAMP based upon a proven model created by Jennifer Miller and Sandra Wozniak. Their STEAM CAMP incorporated NASA MMS Challenge curriculum, authored by Jennifer Miller, Sandra Wozniak, and Tom Chambers, along with other NASA MMS fabrication resources.

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