Robert Stone

Rob Stone is a successful project manager who also teaches workshops and seminars on project management throughout the United States and Europe, and has worked in Africa, Australia, Dubai, and China.
Rob’s hands-on approach developed from his background as a project manager in the civil engineering field where he has managed projects from conception, through design, to completed construction.
Since transitioning into project management training and consulting he has worked in various private, public, and non-profit sectors including manufacturing, new product development, insurance, health care, telecommunications, scientific research, policy development, and service delivery to name a few. Rob also applies project management practices and methodologies to non-traditional projects such as community program reform and agricultural development in third world nations.
Through his years of experience Rob has branched from his technical background in mathematics and engineering to include the people skills necessary to effectively work with a varied group of team members throughout a project to achieve specified outcomes and results.
Rob is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), holds a certification as a Green Belt in Six Sigma.
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