Rebecca Mitchell

Dr Rebecca Mitchell is Professor of Management at Macquarie University, Australia and holds a PhD from the University of Sydney. Her research and teaching interests lie in the area of organisational behaviour and healthcare management, including team dynamics, leadership and professional roles in healthcare organizations. She has been awarded for her research and academic contribution by the US and British Academies of Management. She is a professional member of the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology and the US Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In addition to her academic experience, Dr Mitchell's previous employment in the Australian and Irish public sector, as a senior policy advisor. She has worked as State representative on several Council of Australian Government (COAG) working parties and has developed health, community and social services policy at a state and national level. She also worked as State representative on the Council of Australian Government’s Working Group on Health Reform.

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Nov 15th 2021
Organisational behaviour: Know your people (Coursera)
Course Auditing
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