Paul B. Stoddard

Paul Stoddard challenges students to think about new things in different ways and old things in new ways in order to open up new areas of study and exploration in agricultural economics. Every day, he strives to reduce knowledge to “that simple compound of the obvious and the wonderful”, as H. L. Mencken put it, to help students become passionate ambassadors for agriculture, for the business of food, and for the department and college.

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Strategies and Tools to Mitigate Agricultural Risk (Coursera)

Learners will examine risk management strategies for crop production, discuss techniques and programs to mitigate financial risk, and describe the types of rental agreements for agricultural land use. Learners will also explore traditional and innovative risk management strategies used in agricultural food production. [...]

Risks to Crop Production in Agriculture (Coursera)

Learners will be able to describe the crop production cycles of agriculture for annual and permanent crops, explain the financial characteristics and risks of food production, discuss the various types of land ownership and rental agreements for the use of agricultural land, and describe personal, external, and food production [...]

Supply Chain of Agriculture (Coursera)

Learners will be introduced to the production and distribution of agricultural commodities and food products. Topics will cover the full range of the agriculture supply chain, from pre-farm to the consumer, to provide students with a better understanding and appreciation for where and how crops and livestock are produced, [...]

Issues in Supply Chain Management (Coursera)

Learners in this course will examine global trade agreements -- including policies, barriers, and regulations -- of agricultural commodities, and discuss implications of world and economic disruptions on the food supply chain. Throughout this course, learners will also discuss issues of sustainability, technology, and the environment as it [...]