Julia Parra




Julia is an assistant professor at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in the College of Education (Las Cruces, New Mexico). Her research investigates innovation in the design of online and blended learning environments and empowerment with technology. Areas of interest include professional and faculty development, online/blended teaching and learning, innovative learning design, educational learning technologies, emerging technologies, social media, and connectedness.

Julia is always up for a challenge or adventure and most recently, decided to jump into the wild west of MOOCs and Xperience STEM this summer for paragliding with a GoPro camera. She plans to use her paragliding experience as footage for some of the videos for the MOOC!

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Sep 8th 2014

Participants will engage in a fun four-week adventure to develop a practical and experiential understanding of pedagogy, learning theory, and learning design with technology. Educators and educators-in-training in higher education, as well as teachers and educational specialists in primary and secondary schools, will find value in this course.

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