Jörn Loviscach

More info: http://www.j3l7h.de/about.html

Professor of technical mathematics (Ingenieurmathematik) and
computer engineering (technische Informatik)

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Differential Equations in Action (Udacity)

Making Math Matter. In this course, you'll hone your problem-solving skills through learning to find numerical solutions to systems of differential equations. You'll write code in Python to fight forest fires, rescue the Apollo 13 astronauts, stop the spread of epidemics, and resolve other real-world [...]

Making MOOCs on a budget (Canvas Network)

This course will show you how to build a massive open online course (MOOC), including lots of tips and tricks, at an affordable cost. It covers content creation and content sourcing from the web, assessment at large scale using quizzes and peer assignments, communication between learners and course design. [...]