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Jon Bates is the Databricks program manager for MOOCs, a Spark instructor, and data science consultant. He is passionate about data science, computer science, and management science. A pragmatist at heart, he enjoys using tools from these fields to build a competitive edge in business. He spent nine years as a proprietary bond trader, where he built portfolio infrastructure and data analysis tools to maximize his and his team’s trading returns. He has a B.S. in Management Science from MIT and an M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. Jon lives in Boulder, CO where he runs a consulting business focused on providing data science solutions and training.

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Jul 11th 2016

Learn the underlying principles required to develop scalable machine learning pipelines and gain hands-on experience using Apache Spark. Machine learning aims to extract knowledge from data, relying on fundamental concepts in computer science, statistics, probability and optimization.

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Jun 15th 2016

Learn the fundamentals and architecture of Apache Spark, the leading cluster-computing framework among professionals. Spark is rapidly becoming the compute engine of choice for big data. Spark programs are more concise and often run 10-100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce jobs. As companies realize this, Spark developers are becoming increasingly valued.

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