George Siemens

Professor and Executive Director, Learning Innovation & Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab, University of Texas Arlington. Co-founder and President, Society for Learning Analytics Research.

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Learning Analytics Fundamentals (edX)

Learn about the growing field of learning analytics and how to analyze basic data sets to generate insights. The demand for data science and learning science skills has continued to increase as classrooms, labs, and organizations look to optimize their data and improve learning environments for students and employees. [...]
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Digitizing Higher Education (edX)

Explore the impact of digitization on how universities and colleges function administratively and academically. Globally, higher education institutions are grappling with the effects of an increasingly digital world. This course provides an overview of how digitization impacts the economics, administration, academics, and research practices of universities and colleges. Higher [...]
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The Science and Practice of Yoga (edX)

Learn to practice yoga on and off the mat and bring mindfulness into your everyday life. Concerned about how the digital age is impacting your well-being? Looking for ways to find balance? This course takes the ancient practice of yoga and translates it into modern day science with practical [...]
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Introduction to Open Education (edX)

Learn about open education and how it can significantly reduce costs, increase agency and transparency, and improve learning outcomes. Open education has come a long way over the last two decades in reshaping the effectiveness and economics of education.
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Data, Analytics and Learning (edX)

An introduction to the logic and methods of analysis of data to improve teaching and learning. Capturing and analyzing data has changed how decisions are made and resources are allocated in businesses, journalism, government, and military and intelligence fields. Through better use of data, leaders are able to plan [...]
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