Emmett Sullivan

Senior Departmental Tutor in History, Senior Tutor for First Years' Studies (Stuffy's), Tutor for International Programmes, Director, UoLIP BA in History
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Magna Carta and its Legacies: Freedom and protest (Coursera)

This course examines the roles that Magna Carta has played historically as well as the importance of Magna Carta today. It aims to equip students with a critical understanding of Magna Carta and its significance around the globe. Students will find out what Magna Carta is, how it came [...]
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Film, Images & Historical Interpretation in the 20th Century: The Camera Never Lies (Coursera)

This course is a short taster on the topic of the use of Images, Film, and their use in historical interpretation in the 20th century. It is primarily provided for those who have a general interest in history that draws on photojournalism as primary evidence, and films based on historical events.
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From World War to White Heat: the RAF in the Cold War (FutureLearn)

Nov 8th 2021
From World War to White Heat: the RAF in the Cold War (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Explore the role that the Royal Air Force played in the Cold War through the collections of the RAF Museums at Hendon and Cosford. This free online course is a collaboration between the Royal Air Force (RAF) Museums and the Department of History at Royal Holloway, University of London. [...]
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