David Neumann

David Neumann is a Professor in the School of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where he teaches a variety of communication courses including Persuasion, Small Group Communication, Research Methods, and Communication Theory. He has received numerous teaching awards, including the RIT Eisenhart Outstanding Teacher Award and the RIT Eisenhart Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching. His current focus as a teacher and researcher is on increasing collaboration and cohesion in various work groups. When not on campus you might find him taking in some local music or out playing disc golf.

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Teamwork & Collaboration (edX)

Learn essential teamwork and collaboration skills to lead, build and motivate teams in the workplace. In today’s workplace, professionals don’t work alone, and rarely work with just one other person. More often, we are required to work in groups to strategize, design solutions, ideate, motivate, manage, and [...]
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