Anna Richards

Anna has been working in graduate employment and career development for over 10 years. After graduating from the University of Otago in New Zealand she began her career in an internal recruitment role with a large international education organisation based in Taiwan. In 2003 she set up the organisation’s Australasian recruitment office in Sydney and then worked for a Job Network provider, assisting unemployed individuals with their preparation to re-enter the workforce. Since 2007 Anna has worked at The University of Queensland, coordinating internships and volunteering placements for students, as well as developing and facilitating a range of initiatives aimed at improving graduate employability. Anna is currently working as a project officer on the UQ student employability strategy.

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Unlocking Your Employability (edX)

Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills to potential employers to maximise your career success. A degree is necessary to secure a graduate role, but employers are looking for much more. The key is showing a potential employer what you can offer BEYOND [...]
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