Ana Moura Santos




Received her diploma in Physics-Mathematics Sciences from the University of Moscow, and the MSc and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics from Técnico, where she started teaching in 1987, first at the Department of Physics and, from 1993 on, at the department of Mathematics. The area of her research is Operator Theory and Functional Analysis with applications, and also works on pedagogical issues, namely developing e-learning resources for projects in Mathematics. She spends most of her free time in activities related to dance, presently practicing sevillanas and flamenco and participating in dance-technology projects.

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Mar 1st 2017

Curso sobre a probabilidade de estar sol ou nuvens num determinado dia, a distribuição da população entre a cidade e os arredores ou como funciona o algoritmo de ordenação de páginas web do Google. / Course about the probability of being sunny or cloudy in a given day, the distribution of the population between a City and the Suburbs, or how is constructed the Google PageRank algorithm.

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