Developed in collaboration by Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited, Totem is an online learning platform that offers educational courses about digital security and privacy, and related tools and tactics for journalists, activists and human rights defenders in a safe, online classroom environment.

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Field Research (Totem)

Why field research matters (case study Iran). This course on Field Research for journalists can be taken independently or in tandem with the course on desk research in the field of journalism. The goal of this course is to help address risks inherent in conducting field investigations in a [...]

Desk Research (Totem)

Outsmart your search engine. In this course on Desk Research for journalism, you will gain knowledge on best ways to use the Internet to collect data for investigations, including: finding documents and numbers; optimizing your Google Search results; and searching for specific sources.

Social Media Research (Totem)

Going undercover on Instagram. In this course on Social Media Research, you can learn more about finding images, videos, audio recordings and new information on social media, which will expand your perspectives and support existing information and narratives.

Know your Trolls (Totem)

Tools for journalists to help identify their online abusers and the tactics they use. This course on online harassment was developed by the IWMF, digital security experts, journalists, and online education experts who collaborated during workshops and sprints to co-create it.

How to bypass internet censorship (Totem)

How to stop censorship stopping you... and improve your online privacy and security. Across the world, the internet connects us to each other and to what sometimes seems like an unlimited amount of information. In some countries such as Iran, however, the internet is censored by the State. This [...]

How the internet works (Totem)

No clouds, just cables: explore the internet with us. Can you still picture life without the internet? In the last decade or so, the internet has cemented its place at the centre of many aspects of our lives: social communication, work, research, banking, shopping, storing photos and videos; we [...]

Phishing Attacks (Totem)

Think before you click. Phishing happens to everyone, but most people only become aware of it once they have become a victim of an attack. Protecting yourself from phishing attacks starts with identifying an email or message as an attack before you click on the link or download the [...]

Secure Messaging Apps (Totem)

Write, send, deliver: How to message more securely. Messaging apps have become a key communication tool. We share a large amount of personal and professional messages, pictures, videos and attachments through messaging apps, but rarely question who might have access to this content.

Secure Passwords (Totem)

Pa$$word123, really? Follow your guide to good password management. By this point in the evolution of technology, most of us have a fairly large number of online accounts to keep track of, and to keep safe. It seems like we need multiple accounts for everything - email, messaging, social [...]