Jan 20th 2016

Reporting with SAP Business ByDesign (openSAP)

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Reporting makes business data transparent, and is a must-have for every company, regardless of its size. It provides insights to support better decision making, and delivers the relevant contextual information at the point where the job gets done. This allows you to leverage your business data to better understand business trends, success drivers, and critical situations.

This course will focus on the requirements of small and midsize enterprises for a built-in analytics solution that is tailored to their business needs. SAP Business ByDesign is SAP’s cloud-based ERP solution for SMEs, and integrates transactional and analytical processing efficiently. With plenty of demonstrations and business examples, this openSAP course will teach you how to leverage analytics as a key user and an end user. You will learn not only how to easily consume, but also how to build your own reports in browser-based or Excel-based environments. As SAP Cloud for Customers and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense use the same cloud platform, the delivered know-how is also relevant for those interested in learning more about analytics for those applications.