May 27th 2015

Next Steps in SAP HANA Cloud Platform (openSAP)

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Congratulations, you have already taken your first steps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and know how to use the various services that the platform provides.
This course will bring you to the next level on how to use SAP HANA Cloud Platform. You'll learn how you can use the platform to develop and manage SAP HANA native apps and HTML5 apps, as well as how to apply advanced security features, develop widgets in SAP HANA Cloud Portal, and much more.

In this course, we develop applications using the Eclipse environment. Creating apps with the recently released SAP Web IDE is beyond the scope of this repeat, but we will give you a brief introduction to the SAP Web IDE in one of the exercises.

To follow all the units, you should have already walked through the openSAP course Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The registration, learning content, and the final exam are free of charge.