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Rui Nogueira is currently a Product Expert in the Product Management of SAP HANA Cloud Platform focusing on onboarding developers, customers and partners to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. He is an active member on the SAP Community Network and also runs several podcasts around the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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Feb 7th 2017

Since the introduction of SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 2012 and the first openSAP course about it in 2013, the platform has been continually improved and additional functionality has been delivered. In this course, you will get to know the platform in its most up-to-date state yet. This course will introduce you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and show you how as a developer to take advantage of the various services it provides. Ideally, you should have basic skills in Java programming as well as a basic knowledge of how to use the Eclipse development environment.

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Nov 3rd 2015

Are you curious about the opportunities to do business and deliver services around SAP cloud products such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP Cloud for Customer, or SAP Jam? Then we invite you to step in and get your hands dirty with the live samples and tutorials we’ve prepared for you.

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May 27th 2015

Congratulations, you have already taken your first steps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and know how to use the various services that the platform provides.
This course will bring you to the next level on how to use SAP HANA Cloud Platform. You'll learn how you can use the platform to develop and manage SAP HANA native apps and HTML5 apps, as well as how to apply advanced security features, develop widgets in SAP HANA Cloud Portal, and much more.

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Self Paced

To be competitive and remain relevant in today’s business world, a good IT solution has to:
- Enable business anywhere at any time, on any device
- Crunch big data easily and quickly
- Be tailored to the specific needs of the customer

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Self Paced

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open standards-based, in-memory cloud platform designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social and data-driven world. Developers can quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications leveraging the massive speed and scale of SAP HANA.

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