Oct 3rd 2016

Nanophotonic Modeling (edX)

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Learn a comprehensive set of simulation techniques to predict the performance of photonic nanostructures. This engineering course is an introduction to photonic materials and devices structured on the wavelength scale. Generally, these systems will be characterized as having critical dimensions at the nanometer scale. These can include nanophotonic, plasmonic, and metamaterial components and systems.

This course may be useful for advanced undergraduates with the prerequisites listed below; graduate students interested in incorporating these techniques into their thesis research; and practicing scientists and engineers developing new experiments or products based on these ideas.

What you'll learn:

- Photonic bandstructures

- Transfer matrices

- Time-domain simulations

- Finite-element methods


- This course is intended for audiences with a background in the physical sciences or engineering.

- Basic familiarity with the principles of Maxwell’s equations, covered in a first year class on physics, is needed.

- Some working knowledge of integral and vector calculus, as well as basic linear algebra, is assumed.

- Prior experience with basic programming techniques and algorithms is useful but not strictly required; pointers to web-based resources covering these background topics will be available.

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