Dec 14th 2015

Myths and Facts About Rocks (iversity)

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Rocks and minerals. Precious and semi-precious stones. Decorative and ornamental stones. All of this is steeped in myths and legends embracing and treasuring many secrets. Unravel the mystic veil of secrets with us in our course.

The course embraces the following aspects:

- understanding the key geological concepts, including crystal, mineral and rock;

- applying basic methods to determine the properties of minerals and structure and texture of rocks;

-identifying the composition, formation conditions, characteristic features of naturally-occurring and urban environment stone material and to determine its practical significance;

-identifying rocks and minerals so as to understand their specific application in such areas as building construction, civil engineering, as well as distinguishing ornamental stones or gemstones in the collections;

- obtaining theoretical background to further one's ability to observe and determine the practical value of rocks.

In general, this course provides an overview of some aspects of our world from a geological point of view.

The aim of the course is to understand and appreciate the surrounding inanimate nature (the Earth surface), consisting of minerals and rocks. This course will also teach you how to identify the practical importance and value of the rocks surrounding you.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- distinguish crystals, minerals and rocks;

- identify the most common minerals and rocks;

- know their practical value and their influence on the environment.