Sep 28th 2016

Imagine IoT (openSAP)

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What does the Internet of Things (IoT) mean to you? We are entering a new era in which “things” in the physical world are becoming connected digitally. Everything from light bulbs and baby socks to cars and coffee machines. What is possible in a world of connected, sensing, and interacting things?

This course is all about showing you how to use IoT to make life better. Or, put another way, you will learn the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (e.g., sensors, the cloud, and more) and be introduced to new interaction paradigms (augmented reality, wearables, and more) that are changing how we interact with the world around us. You will also learn how to design and create your own IoT prototype.

The goal of this course is to walk you through the knowledge, tools, and approach recommended for you to prototype your own IoT experience. It is a hands-on learning experience meant to empower you to combine your understanding of IoT with your imagination of what’s possible in this new world of connected things. Included is a “prototyping challenge”, where you can submit your own work and receive peer feedback. As part of this experience, you will have a chance to vote on your favorite prototypes submitted. The top winners will be showcased on a gallery page at the end of the course and will choose how SAP donates $50,000 to charity! We welcome you to participate both in the course and in the challenge. And we hope that together we can create the Internet of GOOD Things and help improve the world around us.

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