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Batteries, Fuel Cells, and their Role in Modern Society (edX)

This course is an introduction to batteries and fuel cells - the cornerstones of electromobility and renewable energy. In today's world, we see game-changing movements in transportation and energy markets. A better understanding of the processes involved can help you to find your own role in these incipient shifts [...]
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Hacking PostgreSQL: Data Access Methods (edX)

Learn the science, engineering practices and hacking techniques of data access – core aspects of information processing in a database. This course is about data storage and data processing technologies with examples from PostgreSQL. It is geared toward database core developers, operation systems developers, system architects, and all those [...]
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Engineering Mechanics (edX)

Learn about statics through real life engineering examples. Engage with the theory to grasp the full understanding of simple machines and complex mathematical models. Are you interested in improving your mechanics or introducing yourself to the subject all together? Join our unique course, devised by the Ural Federal University. [...]
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Scientific Methods and Research (edX)

Dec 24th 2017
Scientific Methods and Research (edX)
Free Course
Learn how to conduct research based on scientific methodology and analyze scientific articles and conduct experiments. What does it mean to conduct research? What are the distinct stages of the research process? What are the requirements of modern scientific research? How do you analyze a scientific [...]
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