International Committee of the Red Cross

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Le Développement Durable Dans L'Action Humanitaire (FutureLearn)

Découvrez les principes du développement durable, et comment en faire une réalité dans les organisations humanitaires. Découvrez comment rendre l’action humanitaire plus durable. Intégrer la durabilité dans l’action humanitaire est essentiel pour rendre les organisations humanitaires plus efficaces et responsables. Vous analyserez la durabilité dans la chaîne d’approvisionnement et [...]

Sustainable Development in Humanitarian Action (FutureLearn)

Discover the principles and practices of sustainable development, and how to bring them to life in humanitarian organisations. Find out how to make humanitarian action more sustainable. Incorporating sustainability into humanitarian action is key to making humanitarian organisations more effective and accountable. This course will show you [...]

Health Care in Danger: The Rights and Responsibilities of Health-Care Personnel Working in Armed Conflict and Other Emergencies (ICRC)

The rights and responsibilities e-learning module is a web based educational tool designed to provide health care workers with an in depth explanation of their rights and responsibilities during armed conflicts and other emergencies. Developed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, it includes 7 chapters addressing specific [...]