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Children’s Right to Education in Armed Conflict (GCHumanRights)

Wars, armed conflicts, and displacement are not only attacks to spaces, places and people, but also violations of a fundamental human right recognised in numerous international, regional and national instruments. Education is a right in itself and a multiplier of other rights. Legal frameworks, measures and tools already exist [...]

Children’s Mental Health: Rights and Perspectives (GCHumanRights)

According to recent reports by UNICEF and WHO, the decline in children’s mental health has become a significant global issue. A longstanding source of concern, it has emerged more strongly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Children have been further exposed to threats - including anxiety and depression [...]

Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy (GCHumanRights)

In this MOOC, academic lecturers in the field of Regime/System Transformation, Quality of Democracy, Elections, and Comparative Politics have been invited to teach, as well as practitioners, data analysts, and policymakers from countries that are currently struggling with the backsliding of democratic institutions and/or are in demanding political regime [...]

Science and Human Rights (GCHumanRights)

Scientific freedom and responsibility have to be enabled and practised. They benefit both scientists and policymakers; they also benefit all of us. Yet, these benefits will not be achieved if the status of scientific freedom and responsibility as a human right, as well as their linkages with other human [...]

Business and Human Rights (GCHumanRights)

Business and human rights are still often seen in opposition: companies hardly value the human toll of their profitable production; governments often fail to protect business-related human rights defenders. But responsible businesses can prevent potential damages and offer space for accountability and redress. States regulations and policies can shape [...]

Socio-Economic Justice through Human Rights (GCHumanRights)

This MOOC explores current developments in implementing economic and social rights and their role in redressing unjust distribution of resources and powers. It looks at legal frameworks and current political, social and economic challenges to better understand their links with a rights-based approach to socio-economic justice. Through regional examples [...]

Child Participation and the Right to a Sustainable Environment (GCHumanRights)

Youth environmental movements, actively raising their voices around the world, send a clear message: the young generations are not only environmentally-conscious, but also determined to defend their rights and preserve the only planet we have. Their call expresses the need to recognise the many links between a safe, clean, [...]

Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: a Global Overview (GCHumanRights)

In times of violence and crisis, human rights are important safeguards. In times of peace, security and development, they are important pillars sustaining our common humanity. They are more than moral or legal concepts: they are the lymph of our lives. For them to run effectively, we need to [...]

Counter Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia (SEA) (GCHumanRights)

Human trafficking is often described as the new form of slavery for the 21st century. Despite difficulties in collecting data, recent analyses confirm that it is a serious and ongoing problem in many areas and much still needs to be done to prevent it, protect victims and ultimately eradicate [...]

Children Deprived of Liberty: Learning from the UN Global Study (GCHumanRights)

Despite the fact that the Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that, in principle, children should not be detained and deprivation of liberty should be a measure of last resort, millions of children in the world are locked away. To address this problem, the United Nations appointed [...]