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The GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust) is the leading group of independent girls’ schools in the UK, with nearly 4,000 staff, and 20,000 students between the ages of three and 18. As a charity that owns and runs a network of 24 schools and two academies in England and Wales, it reinvests all its income in its schools. Founded in 1872, the GDST has a long history of pioneering innovation in the education of girls and leads the field in a variety of ways. The number of girls studying STEM subjects and modern foreign languages, feats on the sports field, and success in exam grades and university destinations achieved are all examples of trails it blazes.

The GDST network makes all the difference to how it teaches, how it manages itself and makes plans, how much it can reinvest and how well it can help girls perform confidently on a national level as well as within their schools. The network also makes a difference to how much the GDST supports girls after they leave. No other school or group of schools has an alumnae network comparable to the size and scope of the GDST. With 67,000 members involved in a wide range of activities all over the world, GDST alumnae network members benefit from networking both socially and professionally, face to face and online.

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How can teachers help close the gender gap? Get guidance on helping girls achieve their potential with this free online course. The behaviours that the education system rewards – studying, careful preparation, patient climbing from one level to the next – seem to give women an advantage academically. Yet in the world of work, people hire and promote based on character as much as on formal qualifications.

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