UX Evaluation

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La recherche UX (edX)

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La recherche UX (edX)
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Dans ce MOOC, vous apprendrez à vous arrimer aux besoins des utilisateurs à chaque étape de la vie d'un produit numérique. Vous développerez de l’empathie face aux utilisateurs et identifierez des informations cruciales au design et à l’évaluation.

UX Research (edX)

In this MOOC you will learn how to connect with users at every step of a digital product’s life and how to develop empathy and recognize insights that will nourish the design and evaluation processes. You’re curious about user experience (UX) but don’t know where to begin? This is [...]

UX Evaluation: User Testing (edX)

Master UX evaluation using a variety of skill sets and methods. Uncover the knowledge of user testing from a guerrilla approach to formal lab evaluations required for compliance tests. Testing! 1-2, 1-2! You’re interested in user experience and you have a scientific way of thinking? UX needs you! User [...]

Introduction to User Experience (edX)

This MOOC will review the fundamental elements UX practice (e.g., UX project, key concepts, activities, roles, deliverables). From application software to mobile application and website, get an introduction on how to design professional interfaces offering quality experiences. The user experience is defined as the result of the internal states [...]