UX Design and Evaluation MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Design professional interfaces offering quality user experiences;
- Develop empathy and insights using Web analytics and qualitative and quantitative methods;
- Leverage insights from data in order to propose empirically-based recommendations;
- Prototype low-tech mock-ups to high-fidelity interactive interfaces; and
- Execute formal lab evaluations for all user testing, including compliance testing.

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UX Management (edX)

Be a UX advocate! Lead the gamut of user-centered design activities, while sharing knowledge and ensuring rich collaboration with all stakeholders across the project. For UX maturity to settle in an organization, there needs to be UX leadership. In this MOOC you will learn the specifics needed to manage [...]

UX Design (edX)

Master Design Thinking and UX Design through user-centred design to deliver innovative user experiences. Learn divergent ideation methods to bring creativity to problem-solving, and convergent ideation methods to innovate within your business context. Brainstorm, brainstorm! UX Design is not just about having ideas! The user-centred approach fuels innovation in [...]

UX Research (edX)

In this MOOC you will learn how to connect with users at every step of a digital product’s life and how to develop empathy and recognize insights that will nourish the design and evaluation processes. You’re curious about user experience (UX) but don’t know where to begin? This is [...]

UX Evaluation: User Testing (edX)

Master UX evaluation using a variety of skill sets and methods. Uncover the knowledge of user testing from a guerrilla approach to formal lab evaluations required for compliance tests. Testing! 1-2, 1-2! You’re interested in user experience and you have a scientific way of thinking? UX needs you! User [...]

UX Data Analysis (edX)

Become a UX data scientist! From qualitative data analysis to big data Web analytics, you will be able to leverage insights from data to make empirically-based recommendations. Do big data and UX speak to you? This MOOC will give you the methods and tools to analyze the whole spectrum [...]

UX Prototyping (edX)

Become a prototyping virtuoso! Master the ability to propel your creative team from scrappy low-tech paper mock-ups to developing high-fidelity interactive prototypes, using the latest industry methods and tools.

Introduction to User Experience (edX)

This MOOC will review the fundamental elements UX practice (e.g., UX project, key concepts, activities, roles, deliverables). From application software to mobile application and website, get an introduction on how to design professional interfaces offering quality experiences. The user experience is defined as the result of the internal states [...]