Sustainable Urban Development

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Gestión del agua para las ciudades del futuro (edX)

Este MOOC brinda herramientas para mejorar la gestión de los recursos hídricos en las ciudades bajo una visión integral y sostenibilidad. ¿Sabes cuáles son los desafíos a los que se enfrentan las ciudades relativos al agua? ¿Sabes cuáles son las acciones que puedes realizar para el mejor gestión del [...]

Global Housing Design (edX)

Learn about the key design strategies required to develop adequate housing and inclusive dwelling environments for sustainable urban development. Building adequate housing is a pressing issue worldwide. With close to a billion people currently living in slums, accommodating a growing population, and improving dwelling conditions is a critical issue [...]

Sustainable Cities: Governing Urban Adaptation Under Climate Change (FutureLearn)

Discover expert governance strategies for preparing urban areas to face the challenges posed by climate change. Learn how cities can successfully adapt to environmental change. In this course, you will investigate how governance strategies and policies for making cities more sustainable and resilient in the face of increasing climate [...]

Sustainable Cities (edX)

Learn how government, the private sector, and other actors can support sustainable urban development. Did you know that experts estimate an additional three billion people will live in cities by 2050? What will the impact be on the current world population – half of which currently lives in cities [...]