Strategising: Management for Global Competitive Advantage Specialization

Leaders must have the ability to develop and deploy effective strategies. This specialisation will prepare you to be the strategic change-maker capable of enabling your organisation to compete into the future. You will learn: how to think strategically to make your organisation more competitive (Be Competitive); how crucial it now is for supply chains to effectively meet customer demands (Be Global); how to leverage technology and innovation to disrupt and reshape your organisation (Be Disruptive); and how to make a positive contribution to the world while effectively maintaining the bottom line (Be Sustainable).


Analyse how technology and innovation can disrupt and reshape your organisation

Evaluate the different ways supply chains can effectively meet your customer's demands

Understand the different strategies that your organisation can implement in order to remain competitive

Develop your understanding of how organisations can make positive contributions to society while effectively maintaining their bottom line

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Global sustainability and corporate social responsibility: Be sustainable (Coursera)

It is no longer acceptable for organisations to focus entirely on financial success if they are to be competitive on the global stage. As corporate scandals continue to make headlines, you will expand your strategic thinking beyond your organisation’s competitive financial environment to consider its broader impact on society. [...]

Strategic management: Be competitive (Coursera)

The ability to think strategically in today’s global, high-tech business environment is critical to ensuring your organisation survives – and grows – into the future. By breaking down business strategy and value creation to its essential elements, you’ll develop your strategic thinking skills. And through structured learning activities including [...]

Innovation and emerging technology: Be disruptive (Coursera)

‘Disruption’ has become a buzz word in the business world. But what is a disruptive change-maker? In this course you will learn how to deploy disruptive strategic thinking to develop or protect your organisation’s competitive advantage. The most innovative and successful companies have all fundamentally disrupted and reshaped existing [...]

Supply chain management: Be global (Coursera)

Businesses and their supply chains are facing increasing competition and uncertainty in what is now a truly globalised trade environment. To remain competitive, organisations need to think globally – ensuring supply chains meet customer demands while minimising costs and maximising responsiveness.