Socket Programming

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Networking with Python: Socket Programming for Communication (FutureLearn)

Discover how you can create networked applications in Python by using sockets. Supported by Google. Build your practical network application skills and understanding. On this course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you’ll learn how to create programs that communicate over the internet.
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Learn the Basics of C Programming Language (Eduonix)

Get started with C programming language with this short and sweet course covering all the important aspects of the C development. This course does not presume any prior programming knowledge and is great for beginners. This is a free course with a MOOC List coupon.
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Learn Socket Programming Tutorial in C from Scratch (Eduonix)

Learn socket programming concepts in our short yet comprehensive course on C programming. On popular demand we bring together a practical and professional tutorial which starts with basic C communication concepts and take it to building of HTTP servers. If you want to start using sockets in your C [...]
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