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Publishing Visualizations in R with Shiny and flexdashboard (Coursera)

This course is the fourth in the Specialization "Data Visualization and Dashboarding in R." Learners will come to this course with a strong background in making visualization in R using ggplot2. To build on those skills, this course covers creating interactive visualization using Shiny, as well as combining different [...]

Developing Data Products (Coursera)

A data product is the production output from a statistical analysis. Data products automate complex analysis tasks or use technology to expand the utility of a data informed model, algorithm or inference. This course covers the basics of creating data products using Shiny, R packages, and interactive graphics. [...]

Analysing WhatsApp Chat Data (Coursera)

In this Project, we discuss how to analyse the data available from WhatsApp. We will use R Programming to analyse the data. Data from WhatsApp can be exported from the phone one is using. This technique can be gathered from many sources including YouTube. Due to limitations of this [...]