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Setting Clear Expectations (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Setting Clear Expectations. This course will explore how to follow the practice shared by the world’s best team leaders - frequent 1:1s. We'll take a look at how to provide clarity to your team about their roles, and then explore how you as a [...]

Building Confidence in the Future (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Building Confidence in the Future. This course will help you build your own specific vision to share with your team. We’ll define what is it that makes your company so special. And we’ll explore the value you, your team, and your company provide to [...]

Growing Team Members (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Growing Team Members! This course explores how to get more skilled at inviting, allowing, and supporting team members to stretch beyond their current responsibilities. By the end of the course, you will be able to guide your team members to step out of their [...]