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Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance (edX)

Jul 7th 2021
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance (edX)
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Learn the mathematical foundations essential for financial engineering and quantitative finance: linear algebra, optimization, probability, stochastic processes, statistics, and applied computational techniques in R. Modern finance is the science of decision making in an uncertain world, and its language is mathematics. As part of the MicroMasters® Program in Finance, [...]
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Bayesian probability theory (iMooX)

The primary motivation for this course is to warm a broader audience to probability theory, as it is central to all scientific fields. Or as E.T. Jaynes - one of the most important researchers on probability theory of the last century - put it: "Probability is the logic of science." [...]
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Matrizes de Markov (IST)

Curso sobre a probabilidade de estar sol ou nuvens num determinado dia, a distribuição da população entre a cidade e os arredores ou como funciona o algoritmo de ordenação de páginas web do Google. Neste curso sobre matrizes de Markov o ênfase principal vai ser dado aos modelos de [...]
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