Quantum Optics

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Quantum Optics 2 - Two photons and more (Coursera)

"Quantum Optics 1, Single photons", allowed learners to be introduced to the basic principles of light quantization, and to the standard formalism of Quantum Optics. All the examples were taken in single photons phenomena, including applications to quantum technologies.
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Quantum Optics 1 : Single Photons (Coursera)

Aug 30th 2021
Quantum Optics 1 : Single Photons (Coursera)
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This course gives you access to basic tools and concepts to understand research articles and books on modern quantum optics. You will learn about quantization of light, formalism to describe quantum states of light without any classical analogue, and observables allowing one to demonstrate typical quantum properties of these [...]
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Cavity Quantum Optomechanics (edX)

Fundamentals of optomechanics. Basic principles, recent developments and applications. Optomechanics is the study of the interaction between light and mechanical systems which can result in the manipulation of the state of both light and the mechanics. The nature of this interaction gives rise to a wide range of applications [...]
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Introduction to Quantum Optics (Coursera)

Learn how light works at the most fundamental level: photon by photon, interacting with one atom at a time!
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