Project Management Specialization

The Project Management specialization is designed to be an introduction to the project management discipline, including the concepts, tools, and techniques used in the management and leadership of projects. Key topics covered include the role of the project manager; the project team; cost, schedule and risk management; quality in projects; and the project lifecycle.
What You Will Learn:
By completing this specialization, you will develop familiarity with the concepts, tools, and techniques used in project management.
You will be able to describe the role of the project manager and the different phases of the project life cycle.
You will also be able to distinguish different project management methodologies and determine which is best for a particular project.
By successfully completing this course, you will be able to define the role of a project manager and describe different project management methods.

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Project Planning and Execution (Coursera)

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Agile Project Management (Coursera)

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Project Management: Foundations and Initiation (Coursera)

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