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Causes of Human Disease: Transmitting and Fighting Infection (FutureLearn)

Learn how pathogens cause infectious diseases, how these diseases are transmitted and how our immune system respond to infection. Most of us have experienced common diseases like flu or less common ones like pneumonia. On this course, you’ll learn how pathogens cause infectious diseases and how these diseases are [...]

Antimicrobial Stewardship in Wound Management (FutureLearn)

Gain insight into antimicrobial resistance, learn about the threats it poses to wound care, and explore preventative measures. Learn how to manage wound infection as a healthcare professional. It’s common to control wound infections with antibiotics. Understanding antimicrobial stewardship is key to preventing antimicrobial resistance and treating a range [...]

Medical Entomology (FUN)

Which mosquitoes transmit the parasites responsible for malaria? Is the Asian tiger mosquito vector of the Zika virus? How is the transmission from vectors to humans and from humans to vector? Here are some of the questions that will find answers in the MOOC Pasteur "Medical entomology".

Le paludisme (FUN)

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Le paludisme (FUN)
Free Course
Le but de ce cours est de répondre à toutes les interrogations que soulèvent le paludisme. Il s’agit de faire un véritable état des lieux sur la maladie, le parasite, les moustiques, les traitements existants, les moyens de luttes, les précautions à prendre avant de voyager en zone d’endémie, [...]