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Stylized Hand Painting in MAYA for Mobile Devices (beginners) (Skillshare)

This is a FREE hand painting training for beginners. You will learn the traditional hand painting techniques for Stylized art. We will texture our asset in 2d. Which software is required? Maya 2019 and adobe photoshop. What you will learn? We are going to cover a lot of topics [...]

Texturing characters in Autodesk Maya with Arnold (Skillshare)

In this class you'll learn how to create shaders and textures for 3D characters using the Arnold render engine within Maya. Texturing will allow you to make believable materials for you character's Skin, eyes and hair. For this class you will need a copy of Maya, 2017 or higher, [...]

How to create Amazing 3D Hair & Fur in Maya (Skillshare)

Creating stylised and believable hair in 3D has been traditionally technically and artistically challenging. However since Maya 2018 there is a more artist friendly set of tools to make hair. The XGen Interactive Grooming Tools, make creating and styling hair really simple by using a series of interactive grooming [...]

Modeling, Texturing and Lighting a Pineapple in Maya (Skillshare)

Have you ever model a 3d Pineapple. If yes, Was your model looking unrealistic? If yes, then watch this class. Modeling, Texturing & Lighting a Pineapple in Maya, this class has lot of information which will help you model complex shapes in Maya. If you are a beginner Maya [...]