Market Risk

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Analítica financiera​ (Coursera)

Conforme las organizaciones complejizan sus modelos de negocios, se requieren más personas con habilidades en el análisis de datos y la construcción de modelos estadísticos que faciliten la toma de decisiones financieras en escenarios con riesgo. En este curso, se presenta una visión general de los métodos de analítica [...]

Market Risk Management: Frameworks & Strategies (Coursera)

This course provides the foundation for understanding the frameworks used to develop market risk management strategies. You will identify the market risks associated with each type of financial instrument. You will be introduced to techniques for estimating the risk associated with each class of investments. [...]

Financial Investment & Risk Management (Coursera)

All investors in the financial market including large invest companies and private investors face common challenges when they make asset allocation decisions: where to invest, how to fulfill their obligations and what risk to take. This course will help you to gain skills in making investment decisions in the [...]

Financial Market Analysis (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of finance that are essential for both investors and policymakers. In this IMFx course you will learn, from hands-on demonstrations, how to price different types of bonds, how to calculate different measures of bond yields and how to compare them across different types of instruments. You [...]

Risk Management in Banks (edX)

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Risk Management in Banks (edX)
Course Auditing
Learn about the risks faced by banks and how they identify, assess & mitigate these risks. The emphasis will be on management of Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk. In this course, we will learn about the risks faced by Banks and the methodologies adopted by [...]