Leadership and Critical Thinking Specialization

This Specialized Program is aimed at leaders who are interested in consolidating their leadership and critical thinking skills within an organization, positively impacting organizational behavior and human flourishing.
Through 3 courses, develop your motivation and negotiation skills. Discover the elements of the leadership model oriented to human flourishing to develop leaders who achieve better results and analyze events with intellectual rigor.
- Develop a style of leadership that is suited to your strengths and the needs of the situation.
- Design tasks for yourself and others that are motivating and effective.
- Communicate your perspective to others in a credible and persuasive way.
- Employ a methodology for the application of critical thinking

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Leadership focused on Human Flourishing (Coursera)

It describes the elements of the Leadership model oriented towards human flourishing, in order to develop leaders who achieve better results. We are facing a world leadership crisis, due to (among other factors) the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous context we are living in. The world needs self-aware leaders [...]

Leadership and organizational behavior (Coursera)

Leadership is everywhere. It is involved in nearly every social action, in some form. Many people who have the potential to be leaders do not realize it. Many who become leaders do not know how to manage those responsibilities. Great leaders can inspire change; bad leaders can cripple their [...]

Critical thinking: reasoned decision making (Coursera)

Making decisions in today's world, a world increasing in complexity, with broad changes and uncertainty, creates the need of approaches that allow us to discern the real problems and the causes that create them. Identifying these problems, in most cases, requires challenging the assumptions on which we base our [...]