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Fundamentals of entrepreneurship in the family business (Coursera)

Nov 29th 2021
Fundamentals of entrepreneurship in the family business (Coursera)
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Nowadays, family businesses are indispensable in our economy. However, it is very important to identify the tools and strategies of success that allow them to transcend in a competitive environment. For that reason, this entrepreneurship course gives you the opportunity to know and apply best practices, taking into account [...]
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Measure and Improve Innovation at the Workplace (edX)

Learn to measure and encourage your corporate innovation competences with this specialized analysis model. Innovation is a big buzzword in today's business media. There are many people who argue that the right kind of innovation can solve almost any problem a company faces. In fact, some directly link an [...]
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Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in the Family Business (edX)

Learn best practices, entrepreneurship and innovation models and how to take advantage of the strengths of the family business in order to achieve success. During this course you will carry out a transgenerational entrepreneurship project.
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