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Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1: Fundamentals (edX)

Jan 11th 2022
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1: Fundamentals (edX)
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Learn the fundamental principles underlying fluid dynamics; including the kinematics of deformation, hydrostatics & buoyancy, inviscid flow and the application of Bernoulli’s theorems, as well as applications of control volume analysis for more complex problems of engineering interest.

水力学 | Hydraulics (edX)

This Hydraulics course explores the science of hydraulics and focuses on hydrodynamic laws and their applications, which are indispensable and a critical factor in the development and utilization of water resources. 水,是人类生活不可或缺的资源。水力学是人类开发利用水资源的有力工具。本课教你认识和掌握水流静止和运动的力学规律,了解在相关领域的工程应用。