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Evaluating Public Health Programs at Scale (Coursera)

Jul 4th 2022
Evaluating Public Health Programs at Scale (Coursera)
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This course provides an introduction to evaluating public health programs at scale. This course focuses on evaluating public health programs and policies in low- and middle-income countries, however, core skills of designing and carrying out an evaluation are applicable to any public health programs and policies. [...]

Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (Coursera)

The Center for Humanitarian Emergencies is a partnership between CDC's Emergency Response and Recovery Branch and the Rollins School of Public Health that drives global collaboration, research and evidence based training to improve the lives and well-being of populations impacted by humanitarian [...]

Planning and Managing Global Health Programmes: Promoting Quality, Accountability and Equity (FutureLearn)

Address the concepts, theoretical frameworks and practical details involved with planning and managing global health programmes. Discover the inner workings of how to plan and manage a global health initiative.