Health Behavior

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Health Behavior Change: From Evidence to Action (Coursera)

Humans often fail to make rational decisions that affect their health. This course seeks to heighten understanding of the social and behavioral factors that contribute to health decisions and behaviors, with an ultimate goal of learning how to utilize these factors in improving public health efforts. [...]
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Diagnosing Health Behaviors for Global Health Programs (Coursera)

Health behavior lies at the core of any successful public health intervention. While we will examine the behavior of individual in depth in this course, we also recognize by way of the Ecological Model that individual behavior is encouraged or constrained by the behavior of families, social groups, communities, [...]
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Health behaviors: from individuals to larger contexts (edX)

Understand how health behaviours impact health, what drives them and how to change them for the better. Ever wondered what makes people eat unhealthily, not move enough or sleep insufficiently?Such behaviors impact health and wellbeing greatly. Despite this, many people do not engage in healthful behaviors. [...]
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