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Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Interface Designs (Coursera)

Rapid Prototyping is the second of three classes in the Embedded Interface Design (EID) specialization, an online version of the on-campus EID class taught in graduate embedded systems design. This course is focused on rapid prototyping of devices and systems and the related methods, practices, and principles that [...]

Gameplay en videojuegos (Coursera)

¿Cómo se estructura y funciona un programa de videojuego? Es lo que comúnmente se conoce como 'gameplay', y que constituirá nuestro núcleo de estudio en este curso. Su análisis detallado nos permitirá comprender su importancia, y qué funcionalidades debe tener. Analizaremos también la interface gráfica del usuario (GUI), que [...]

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Exceptions, Data Structures, Recursion, and GUIs (edX)

Learn how to create and use exceptions, data structures, recursion, and graphical user-interfaces (GUIs). This course provides students with the knowledge to handle and even create exceptions to achieve graceful error handling in programs. They will also create and utilize data structures, including lists and files. Students will also [...]

Getting Started with Junos Operating System (Coursera)

In this course, you will be introduced to the design and architecture of the Junos operating system (Junos OS)—the operating system used on Juniper’s routing, switching, and security portfolio. This course will explore the Junos OS command line interface (CLI) for configuring, managing, and monitoring Junos OS-powered network devices. [...]

Programming Applications with Python: Graphics User Interface (GUI) (FutureLearn)

May 23rd 2022
Programming Applications with Python: Graphics User Interface (GUI) (FutureLearn)
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Discover how to create a GUI using Python and start to explore creating APIs. Make a GUI application in Python. On this course, you’ll explore a common use for Python – how to create a successful GUI. GUIs are a crucial aspect of any web service, and knowing how [...]
May 23rd 2022
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Programming with GUIs (FutureLearn)

Learn what a Graphical User Interface is and write your own GUI-based applications with this practical course for teachers. Gain hands-on experience building your own interface. Discover how to build your own Graphical User Interface (GUI) with guizero.